How to Shrink DVD9 to DVD5

Main interface of Any DVD Copy

Main interface of Any DVD Copy


The main user interface is friendly: On the top of right panel, you can easily spot DVD Clone and DVD Ripper sections, you can fully copy DVD, copy the DVD without commercials, customize DVD video files, and clone DVD in 1:1 quality. You can preview the video files by selecting chosen ones and clicking the play button at the bottom of right panel. In the sections of Source and Target, you can choose the source and target disc/folder. Open Method varies according to your need, Target Size furnishes three options: DVD5, DVD9 and Customize.

Ripping DVD to videos to iOS and Android devices is also supportable.


How to shrink DVD9 to DVD5

how to rip dvd to the new ipad step by step tutorial

Step 1: Download Any DVD Copy and install Any DVD Copy on your PC (For tutorials on how to install and register the software, please check the support page).

Step 2: Launch the program and insert DVD9 into burner.


Step 3: click for analyzing the DVD.

Step 4: Choose the title you need to shrink to DVD5, or the program will choose the longest title of the DVD.
For example, in screenshot below, title 2 is the default title chosen by the program as it is the longest title of the movie. choose titles for ripping to the new ipad

Step 5: Choose "DVD5" in Target Size.
choose DVD5

Step 6: Clickclick start button to begin ripping dvd to the new iPad button to start shrinking DVD9 to DVD5.

Step 7: When the copying process finishes, the source DVD9 will be ejected and a windows will popup automatically, showing you to insert a DVD5, and then you shall insert a DVD5 for shrinking DVD9 videos to a DVD5 disc. After a while, DVD9 is successfully shrinked to DVD5.



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